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Rarely do we get a chance to capture the history of our automotive passion in words and pictures that are insightful and, very often, magic. Rarely do we get an incisive behind-the-scenes look into the lives of our heroes, an insightful examination of the toys that bring us joy, and a critical scrutiny demanded of an industry rife with scoundrels and hooligans. Rarely, yes, but it does happen. Leon Mandel’s The Jaundiced Eye captures the essence of a life spent around the people, places, and things that formed the automotive world during its most exciting years. The book is a drop-topped, high-speed ride through the countryside of an industry that powered a nation. The Jaundiced Eye is a rich compilation of stories, profiles, and select book chapters that car enthusiasts, automotive historians, and lovers of the written word have been denied for too long.
“Beyond the wit, charm and passion in Leon Mandel’s writing was always another crucial element: truth. And I’ve always said, you gotta love a guy who tells it like it is. This collection is proof positive of that.” -Bob Lutz, GM Vice Chairman
“Talk about inspiring; twenty profanity-laced minutes in his office and I chucked a high-paying engineering job to follow him into a life of journalistic poverty. And I’d do it again.” -Patrick Bedard, Formerly Car & Driver
“Leon Mandel, a writer whose subject happens to be cars, always rewards anyone interested in either writing or cars.” -Denise McCluggage


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