It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This



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In this rollicking memoir that reads like “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” meets Pee-wee Herman, veteran journalist Sam Moses tells all, about raising his two sons from their birth to the ages of seven and five. The stories and incidents are often hilarious and sometimes scary, while the themes and issues are universal to parenting. Light bulbs of recognition will pop, for mothers and fathers alike. There are lessons, there are confirmations, there are cautionary tales. A parent can relate. The book moves from a Brazilian beach to the high banks of Daytona, from the wasteland of Detroit to the glory of the Pacific Northwest, from the waves on Maui to a rundown trailer in an RV park the Sea of Cortez … toddlers always in tow, and then some. Even if you’ve never been to those places, if you’ve ever raised a child, this book is for you. An early review by The Gorge magazine calls it a “touching memoir,” adding, “Moses weaves funny, fascinating and poignant stories of his various jobs (including editor of AutoWeek magazine, American Windsurfer, and even creative director at a San Francisco dotcom) into the narrative, because his kids were right there with him for the ride. In the introduction Moses tells readers, “You can pick up the book and put it down, lose your place and skip time and read some more, and it’ll be fine.” It’s true. And anyone who has experienced parenthood will find both laughter and tears here.”


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