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In the wake of the recent accomplishments of the Hyundai Motor Group and respectively the Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors brands a question is often raised, “What makes Hyundai so successful?”
I tackle this question from a cultural perspective, leaving aspects of such as sustainable production networks, ever changing consumer appeal and brand image staying power for my colleagues in the industry. My objective for Hyundai Way: Hyundai Speed is simply to share insights into the Hyundai Motor Group-a unique inside view of a unique corporate culture.
In addition to the growing number of Hyundai and Kia Motors enthusiasts wishing to learn more about the carmaker, I see several target audiences for the book. First for the global teams working for the Hyundai Motor Group and its affiliates, Hyundai Way: Hyundai Speed will build upon their current experiences, while providing new understandings.
A second audience is for firms and vendors providing services or products to the Hyundai Motor Group. This book will be beneficial in strengthening and maintaining the relationship.
A third readership is for companies with significant Korea-based business. Although specifically the book offers insights into the Hyundai Motor, the broader content and insights can apply to many Korean firms in sectors outside automotive.
About the author
With over 35 years’ experience, Don Southerton is the definitive authority on Korean-facing global business, strategy, branding and market entry–from automotive, golf, retail, and QSR/ food sectors to New Urbanism and Green technology.
Building on a life-long interest in Korea and the rich culture of the country, Southerton has authored numerous publications with topics centering on culture, new urbanism, entrepreneurialism, and early U.S.-Korean business ventures.
Southerton also extensively writes and provides commentary to the media on modern Korean business culture and its impact on global organizations. This is the author’s thirteenth publication.

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